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Find out why Florianopolis is called Island of Magic

The natural beauties of Florianopolis enchants everyone. The archipelago consists of forty-six islands. Thirty-two belonging to the municipality, with more than 100 beaches distributed throughout the islands and the continent. In addition to many other attractions such as the agitated Lagoa da Conceição (Conceição Lagoon) and the quiet Lagoa do Peri (Peri Lagoon), the traditional Historic Center, the crowded Avenida Beira-Mar (Beira-Mar Avenue), the bucolic Azorean-style neighborhoods of Santo Antonio de Lisboa and Ribeirão da Ilha and impressive colonial forts. Not to mention the museums, churches, theaters and the city's postcard: the Hercilio Luz Bridge.

The capital of Santa Catarina gathers mysteries and legends over six thousand years, with the rock art, passing through indigenous records, until the tales and legends of witches and the magic of Franklin Cascaes, contacts by the old residents of the region.

The city has a 172km coast well cut, which gets around the 54km length and 18km width, totaling 433Km² divided between the island and the continent.

  • Friendliest city in the world
  • South America Silicon Valley
    BBC - UK 2009
  • One of the 44 places in the world you should know
  • The most beautiful people in the world
    THE SUN - UK, 2014
  • Best beaches destination
    Magazine Travel and Tourism - Br 2015
  • Creative City UNESCO Gastronomy
  • One of the 10 most dynamic cities in the world
    NEWSWEEK - USA, 2006
  • Has one of the most 20 beautiful beaches in the world
    Corriere della Sera - ITA, 2010
  • The best place to live in Brazil
    Veja 2001

Application My Floripa

Inserted increasingly on the script for tourists from around the world, Florianópolis now has an app for smartphones, Ios and Android systems, with information about the city.

The aim is to meet the tourist demand with a quality product for visitors with content that can also be used by those who live in the capital. The application "Living Floripa" which has had more than a hundred downloads allows travelers access to information about the attractions of the city, as well as other data such as maps, transportation and displacement, in addition to presenting the agenda of the city. "With this app tourists have easy access to basic information about the destination. You can find programming options by accessing the event schedule, stay on top of the latest news related to the sector, find tips as the top 10 places to visit in the city and the contacts of the Tourist Service Centers (CATs). All available in the palm, providing a complete experience those who come to Florianópolis ", Municipal Secretary of Tourism, Zena Becker. To download the application on your smartphone just visit the App Store itself, ios system, or the Play Store, android system, type "Minha Floripa" in the search and select the get / download.

Know the top 10 the sights where you need to visit

Florianopolis became one of the most coveted tourist destinations in Brazil. In high season, especially on New Year's Eve and the following days, tourists from all states and neighboring countries choose the capital of Santa Catarina to enjoy the days off. paradisiacal beaches and glamorous festivals are great attractions, no doubt, but not only that living the magic island.

Campeche Island South of the island, in front of Campeche Beach

Access by boat from this beach (10 minutes), the frame (45min), or Barra da Lagoa (1h15min). The Island has 1500 meters north-south extension and 500 meters east-west. When landing on the narrow beach of the Bay, either by a floating pier or directly in the shallow sea, the blue color of the calm waters catches the eye and blends with the lush green hills.

Lagoa da Conceição 20 km from the center, with access from the SC-404

In Itacorubi and Morro da Lagoa neighborhood. Coming from the airport (13 km), access by Rio Tavares (SC-405). If the beaches give life to the city, the Lagoa da Conceição is the very soul of the capital of Santa Catarina. Located in the geographic center of the island, the lagoon is the meeting point of all the tribes. It is also the place chosen by chics hippie and jet setters to enjoy the coffee and look at the scenery behind the sunglasses.

Lagoa do Peri South Island, 22 km from Florianópolis center

With water surface of 5 square kilometers, the lake is excellent for swimming. The scenery enchants for its natural beauty. The shadow of the vegetation is ideal for a picnic, walk or rest. For children, there is a small playground.

Costa da Lagoa In the northern part of the Lagoa da Conceição

In the northern part of the Lagoon ConceHá various species of trees, birds and animals that are now rare in other locations. Community that preserves Azorean roots, Costa da Lagoa is only accessible by boat or by hiking from the corner of Araçás, Monte Verde and Ratones (see Tours - Trails). The boats leave every hour from the pier next to the Lagoa da Conceição of the bridge, and the ride takes about 40 minutos.ição

Jurerê Internacional North Island, 23 km from the center, by SC

In addition to the nature that surrounds the residential district, Jurere has a complete infrastructure services, night clubs the luxury hotels. What about an open-air mall? In Jurerê, you can check the windows of renowned brands and at the same time, feel the sea breeze.

Santo Antônio de Lisboa Towards the north of the island, 13 km from the center, the SC-401

Skirting the viaduct of St. Anthony to the Don Rua Lourenço Rodrigues de Andrade, which gives access to the neighborhood. For those who like to know the typical and traditional flavors of the places, try the options of St. Anthony of Lisbon is a good choice.

Ribeirão da Ilha South of the island, 36 km from Florianópolis center

Access by Expressway South, following the SC-405. The Ribeirão da Ilha is formed by a set of small beaches, and the longest is about 700 meters. It housed the first indigenous community (carijós) Florianopolis. Its name derives from the small river passing by. It is famous for its narrow streets and colonial houses, colorful facades, ideal for a walking tour.

Fortaleza de Santa Cruz de Anhatomirim Anhatomirim Island, North Bay

Designed to be the main fortification of the ancient defense system of Ilha de Santa Catarina, Anhatomirim Fortaleza did nothing during the Spanish invasion of 1777 for a simple reason: the invaders did not come with their ships by the North Bay, preferring land in Canasvieiras and make the journey on foot to the headquarters of the old Desterro.

Ponte Hercílio Luz Street Journalist Assis Chateaubriand, 70, Centro

Elo integration of capital with the rest of the state, the suspension bridge steel (which has a total weight of 5000 tons) served the population uninterruptedly until January 22, 1982, when he suffered the first ban because of deterioration of the eyelet bars.

Historic center Rua Conselheiro Mafra, 255, Centro

A Babel with time to open and (not) to close. Here's Florianopolis Public Market, with its shoe stores, haberdashery, pots and crockery, clothing, stationery, decoration, crafts, fresh produce, cereals, knick-knacks for all uses and service roads, fish stalls, shrimp, squid, octopus, oysters and what else the sea has to offer.

Innovative city, information technology, tourism and services

The economy of Florianópolis is heavily based on information technology, tourism and services. The US newspaper The New York Times said in 2009 that "Florianopolis was the year of destiny." Newsweek found that the municipality is one of the "ten most dynamic cities in the world" in 2006. Veja magazine ranked the city as "the best place to live in Brazil", while the Enterprising City Index (ECI), prepared the Brazilian subsidiary of US NGO Endeavor, chose the city as the best environment for entrepreneurship in the country. As a result of this exposure, Florianopolis is growing as a second home for many gauchos, Paulistas, Argentines, Americans and Europeans. The city was also considered by UNESCO (UNESCO) one of "creative cities" of Brazil in 2014, next to Curitiba.

Historical Heritage

In Florianópolis Centre suggestion is to visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, 1753; the square XV de Novembro with its century-old fig tree; Cruz e Sousa Palace of the 18th century, which houses the Historical Museum of Santa Catatina; the Alvaro Carvalho Theater and the Museum Victor Meirelles. In addition to the Public Market and Case Customs and Hercilio Luz Bridge, 1926 State símpobo.

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With several gastronomic routes, Florianópolis provides unique experiences in aromas, flavors and experiences to the most exquisite way. The municipality is the largest producer in the country captive oysters, about 94% of national production of cultivated oysters, and has specialized in cooking seafood.

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Ecotourism and Adventure

With a territory of 33% of rainforest, currently containing 11 conservation units, Florianópolis is a paradise for eco-tourists, adventurers, fans and all those who want super challenges. There are over 32 tracks by beautiful places between hills and forests, especially the Lagoon and Shipwrecked.

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Sports with water as Surfing, Sailing, Kite Surf and Wind Surf is to point the Riosinho in Campeche and Lagoa da Conceição. Sandboarding, tree climbing, diving, zip lines, mountain bike and paragliding are other featured sports in Florianopolis. specialized operators are the best option for you to know exactly how much and where to practice the activities in the best destinations.

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Florianópolis has beaches of all types for all tastes: the most popular, such as Jurere and Braba Beach (North Island) and Riozinho in Campeche, to the most wild and unspoiled as Shipwrecked, Solitude and East Pond (South Island). There are ideas beaches for surfing as Joaquina, Campeche, Mole, Barra da Lagoa and Mozambique (East Island).

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Entertainment, Events

The New York Times pointed Florianópolis as one of the best destinations for the world parties. In the summer aceontecem the famous sunsets, parties during the day that are traditional in the posts of the beach Jurere and Mole Beach. In the center, north and Lagoon Beira-Mar, buzzes all year round.

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CAT - the Tourist Service Centers

In posts CAT, people who speak English and Spanish are available to help people who come to Florianópolis.

  • CAT Tourist Portal
    Service from 8h to 18h
    (48) 3348.3554
  • CAT Bus Terminal Rita Maria
    Service from 8h to 18h
    (48) 3228.1095
  • CAT Peri Lake
    Service from 9h to 17h during the months from December to March, summer season period.
    (48) 3237.5660
  • CAT Public Market
    Service from 8h to 18h
    (48) 3240.4407