Where is it?

On the South of Santa Catarina Island, 33 kilometers from downtown Florianópolis, accessible via Via Express Sul, SC-405 and SC-406, at the Açores junction.

Ideal for families and vacationers looking for tranquility, Açores beach is frequented by tourists and neighborhood locals, but never becomes crowded even during peak season. About a kilometer long and a wide strip of sand, Açores has a lifeguard stand that helps guarantee the safety of swimmers.  However, there are no other services such as kiosks or bars other than in the neighboring Pantano do Sul Beach. 

Local surf schools offer classes and equipment rental during the summer for around R$30 an hour. Beach chair and umbrella rentals are also only available during high season. From the beach, it is possible to see the islands of Três Irmãs (Three Sisters) and further beyond, Moleques do Sul (Southern Kids). 

The access to the beach is very easy; it is possible to park near the available entrances which are protected by dunes and vegetation.


Açores beach is an extention of Pântano Sul beach, and there are no geographical limits that separate the two. However, they present very different characteristics: Açores has softer and lighter sand, the ocean is more agitated and conducive to surfing, and there are sandbank vegetation and dunes that protect the entrance to the beach. This stretch began to be called Açores when a residential subdivision took place in the area, resulting in a planned neighborhood. 

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